Wind turbine
Microcentrala eoliana

Wind turbines produce enough electricity to provide households with 0.7 or 1.5 KW power.

A wind turbine ensures 230V/50Hz voltage and is composed of:

  • electric generator with magnet made from rare-earth
  • blade system and braking and direction system depending on wind direction and speed
  • DC-DC controller that provides a constant DC voltage output for charging batteries and power inverter.
  • inverter to convert DC to AC 230V/50Hz
  • metal pipe support tower with anchorage system
  • support tower and battery used as an energy storage buffer can be supplied by the client according to the recommandations of the manufacturer or can be delivered by the provider against a fee.

Warranty : 2 years.

Service during warranty and post warranty.

Nominal power KW 0,7 1,5
Maximum power KW 0,8 1,7
Wind speed corresponding to nominal power m/s 12 12
Wind speed at which wind turbine starts m/s 3 3,5
Output voltage DC circuit V 24 24
Output voltage AC circuit V 230/50Hz 230/50Hz
Installation height m 8 10
Price Euro 1500 3300