ROFEP S.A. Urziceni is the only manufacturer in Romania for soft and hard ferrite and the most important Romanian producer
for collecting brushes for electrical motors.

The S.C. ROFEP S.A. products are addressed mailly for:
electronic and electrotehnic industry, energetic industry, in metal-working and production of automotive.
S.C. ROFEP S.A. was founded in 1968 and began the soft ferrite manufacturing under PLESSEY - England licence. With the romanian institutes
and our own research, the ferrite productions diversified, at the moment getting to a wide products range:

Soft ferrites -12 types of materials, from which:
· 9 types on Mn-Zn (with code MZ - 1………..MZ - 9)
· 3 types on Ni-Zn (with code NC - 4, NC - 5, NC - 6)

Hard ferrites - 8 types of materials from which:
· 5 types of barrium ferrites ( with code FB - 1, FB - 2.1, FB 2.2, FB - 3 and FB - 4)
· 3 types of strontium ferrites (with code FS - 4.1, FS - 4.2, FS - 5)

Magnets assemblies - adressed to oil purification for heat engine baths, separation of ferromagnetic bodies from cooling and washing liquids
of rectified machines, separation of chopped fodder and seeds by ferromagnetic bodies, precision comparators on machines-tools, door closing to domestic furniture, for water magnetic treatment and for other liquids in view of removing of calcareous crusts deposits, magnetotherapy.

Other products - sets of radio shielding ignition plugs, ramification case (carcass), deflecting tools, etc.

Beginning with year 1986, S.C. ROFEP S.A. has developed a new profile of manufacturing, respectively the manufacturing for collecting brushes
for electrical motors and other carboniferous material, in four groups of half finished products:
- Metal-graphite (MGR)
- Electro-graphite (EGR)
- Bakelite-graphite (BGR)
- Hard-carbon (CDR)

Tools, devices, moulds
At request, can be manufactured moulds for ceramic and metallic powder, injecting moulds for plastics, various types of stamping dies.

Other activities
In it's auto-manufacture section S.C. ROFEP S.A. manufactures at the beneficiary's request:
-specific equipment for manufacturing of ceramic products (mills with balls, calcination oven for heat treatment, specific grinding machines, quipment for transport);
-metal constructions (fences, greenhouses, benches)
-spare parts for consumer goods.