Other products made by our company are: sets of radio shielding ignition plugs, ramification case (carcass), deflecting tools, etc.

Beginning with year 1986, S.C. ROFEP S.A. has developed a new profile of manufacturing, respectively the manufacturing for collecting brushes for electrical motors and other carboniferous material, in four groups of half finished products:
- Metal-graphite (MGR)
- Electro-graphite (EGR)
- Bakelite-graphite (BGR)
- Hard-carbon (CDR)

Tools, devices, moulds.
At request, can be manufactured moulds for ceramic and metallic powder,
injecting moulds for plastics, various types of stamping dies.

Other activities
In it's auto-manufacture section S.C. ROFEP S.A. manufactures at the beneficiary's request:
-specific equipment for manufacturing of ceramic products (mills with balls, calcination oven for heat treatment, specific grinding machines, equipment for transport);
-metal constructions (fences, greenhouses, benches)
-spare parts for consumer goods.